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We publicize unethical business practices across a wide range of industries. We promote the "Good Guys" - the ethical, honest businesses and professionals.




We've brought together professionals from multiple industries who specialize in the needs of those 60 and older - with a focus of treating people honest and ethically. 




In a recent survey, over 88% of older adults said they would purchase from a professional  or company affiliated with an organization such as NAOSA. Make a difference today 

Many people have been stung by companies endorsed by large retiree associations; an organization like NAOSA is really needed.

- Retiree

Potomac, Maryland

Consumer Resources

Scam Alert Resoures

Protect yourself by staying up to date on scams that are targeted at consumers. 

Money and Credit

Learn how to make your money work for you while also protecting your finances. 

Health and Fitness

Stay abreast of important and relevant health related topics. 

Consumer Guides

NAOSA and its member professionals (experts in their respective fields) have developed best practices as well as identified unethical business practices in in a variety of industries. 


In order to assist older adults in making educated purchases and conduct business with reputable providers, NAOSA provides consumer guides that can be used as a reference when dealing with insurance agents, legal professionals, real estate professionals, and senior living communities - just to name a few. 

  • Best Practices

    The NAOSA Gold Standards of Professional Practice are created by experts in each specific profession.  They are best practices designed to be both pro-consumer and pro-ethical professional. 

  • Consumer Protection

    The NAOSA Gold Standards were designed to protect consumers from common, unethical business practices. They are a tool to assist consumers when buying products or services in most industries represented by NAOSA professionals. 

  • Compliance

    NAOSA members that are found to be out of compliance with the NAOSA Gold Standards of Professional Practice or federal and state regulations are subject to membership revocation.


Gain a Competitive Edge While Making a Difference in the Lives of Older Adults

In a recent survey, over 88% of older adults said they would purchase from a professional or company affiliated with an organization such as National Association of Senior Advocates.  Make a difference. Apply Today


NAOSA: Your Source for an Ethical Elder Law Attorney and Other Professionals for Elder

The National Association of Senior Advocates (NAOSA) is one of the country’s most trusted resources for ethical professionals committed to providing to the needs of older individuals. Get support in many ways, such as finding an elder law attorney, assisting you with government benefits like Medicare, and locating businesses that cater to elder across many industries


Aside from specializing in the needs of elder, NAOSA is also pro-business and pro-consumer. We go the extra mile to protect you from unethical businesses and practices. As such, all professionals and companies associated with NAOSA are carefully vetted for the highest levels of reliability, integrity, and expertise.

  • Avoid scams that target elder.

Too many elder have been targeted and exploited by unscrupulous individuals and companies. NAOSA publicizes unethical business practices and scams to help you protect yourself and your assets. Stay up-to-date by subscribing to our Scam Alerts.

  • Take advantage of resources for elder.

On top of advocating for your needs, NAOSA also provides resources that can help elder live a higher quality of life. Practice smarter ways to manage your finances and know more about health and fitness-related topics through our free newsletter.

  • Connect to a wide range of professionals.

NAOSA is your link to professionals from all manners of industries. You can expect every single NAOSA professional to be skilled at issues concerning elder, complemented by service founded on ethics and honesty.


The NAOSA Gold Standards of Professional Practice™


As the first association to bring together professionals from numerous sectors, NAOSA sought to establish a higher standard of doing business. This is called the NAOSA Gold Standards of Professional Practice™, and it is required of all our member professions, including:

  • Auto and Home Insurance Owners
  • Elder Law Attorney and Other Legal Professionals
  • Real Estate
  • Senior Living Communities
  • Home Care and Assistance
  • Long-Term Insurance Care
  • Reverse Mortgage
  • Home maintenance
  • Insurance and Investments
  • Medicare Supplements and Medicare Advantage Insurance
  • Senior Living Brokers and Consultants

NAOSA seeks to do what is right for all consumers, no matter their age. When you work with NAOSA-verified professionals and businesses, you can expect:

  • Only the Best Business Practices

The NAOSA Gold Standards of Professional Practice was meticulously crafted by experts from each industry. NAOSA members follow the best practices that are ethical and pro-consumer.

  • Compliance with State and Federal Regulations

On top of the NAOSA Gold Standards, members are also required to follow all state and federal regulations. Failure to do so can result in membership revocation.

  • Consumer Protection and Peace of Mind

NAOSA Gold Standards protects consumers by helping them make educated decisions when hiring professionals or buying products and services. For the ultimate peace of mind, always look for the NAOSA Gold Standards badge.


Contact NAOSA for Expert Assistance


NAOSA can help you find a professional, locate a senior citizen center near me, or discover resources relevant to your needs. Interested in becoming a member of the National Association of Senior Advocates? Call us today at 888-705-3493 for questions on any of the above and more.


Clear explanations and details of how these professions work is extremely important.


- Retired CPA

Lakeland, Florida

NAOSA has brought me tremendous value when networking with like-minded professionals, its really helped me stand-out from the crowd.

- NAOSA Member


In a world filled with mistrust and spin, honesty and integrity offer a tremendous opportunity

- Anthony L. Cinotti

Founder, National Association of Senior Advocates


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