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NAOSA Gold Standards of Professional Practice


Each member profession of the National Association of Senior Advocates has a standard of guidelines that our members must abide. We call these the Gold Standards of Professional Practice.

Standards - Each NAOSA member must follow and act in accordance with a standard of guidelines known as the 'NAOSA Gold Standards of Professional Practice'. The standards are created by professionals in their specific fields.


Transparency - Each NAOSA member strives to offer transparency and aim to educate consumers on the various business models of the profession.


Compliance - NAOSA members found out of compliance with the NAOSA Gold Standards of Professional Practice will have their NAOSA membership revoked.

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Above And Beyond


Integrity - The NAOSA Gold Standards go above and beyond many legal and professional organization requirements, demanding one simple business practice: Do the right thing and protect the consumer.


Conduct - Each NAOSA member strives to conduct themselves in an ethical, professional manner, with utmost respect shown to the client.


Reliable - NAOSA members pledge to provide their products and services in a timely manner and in accordance to the agreed upon terms.


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