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Attorneys, Financial Professionals, Real Estate Professionals, Home Improvement, Homecare, Insurance, Movers, Senior Living Communities and more. Vetted to ensure only the highest quality professionals become NAOSA members.

The Highest Standards

All NAOSA agree to always work in their clients best interest. This is known as the “fiduciary standard.” Members also agree to be held to the NAOSA Gold Standards of Professional Practice. Standards that in most cases go above and beyond today’s legal requirements. 

An independent organization like NAOSA is really needed. It’s so hard to find the right information these days and even harder to find businesses and professionals who I know I can trust. Thank you NAOSA!
- Retired CPA

Lakeland, Florida 

Consumer Guides, Education and the NAOSA Gold Standards of Professional Practice

Read these before making a purchase.

NAOSA and its member professionals have developed consumer guides to assist older adults in making the right decision when buying a product or service. These guides were developed by NAOSA members, experts in their respective fields, and contain non-biased information, verified by NAOSA and members of the NAOSA Advisory Board.

The NAOSA Gold Standards of Professional Practice™ are designed to protect consumers from common, unethical business practices. They are a tool to assist consumers when buying products or services in most industries represented by NAOSA professionals. Use these with confidence!

The NAOSA consumer guides are great.  Clear explanations, without all the complex language, is extremely important in helping me make the right decision

- Retiree

Potomac, Maryland

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Gain a Competitive Edge While Making a Difference in the Lives of Older Adults

In a recent survey, over 88% of older adults said they would purchase from a professional or company affiliated with an organization such as National Association of Senior Advocates. Make a difference. Apply Today

NAOSA has brought me tremendous value when networking with like-minded professionals, it has really helped me stand-out from the crowd. I highly recommend.
- NAOSA Member

Austin, Texas

In a world filled with mistrust and spin, honesty and integrity offer a tremendous opportunity for professionals and businesses who do business the right way.
- Anthony L. Cinotti, Founder

National Association of Senior Advocates


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