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Twelve Steps To Prevent Fraud

1) Recognize Swindlers at First Contact - Scammers often pose as public servants, non-profit organizations, or representatives from familiar companies when approaching their targets. Verify who you are speaking with before sending someone money or communicating your personal information, especially if the unexpected request originates from text messages, phone calls or emails.

2) Never Send Money To Strangers - Fraudsters likewise pretend to be people in despair or loved ones who require help. These thieves will create fake websites or phony profiles in social media with intent to deceive honest people into sending them money. Don’t be a victim—never send cash to someone you haven’t personally met.

3) Beware of Caller ID - Crooks often use hi-tech gadgets to send fake phone numbers to caller ID equipment; this means the number that pops up on your cell phone may not be real! Hang up on people who ask you for money or for personal information over the phone, even if you recognize the number—you can always call the person back if you believe the request is legit.


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The National Association of Senior Advocates and its professional members have created ethical business standards that NAOSA members must abide. We call these the NAOSA Gold Standards of Professional Practice.

Best Practices - The NAOSA Gold Standards of Professional Practice are created by experts in each specific profession.  They are best practices designed to be both pro-consumer and pro-ethical professional. 


Consumer Protection - The NAOSA Gold Standards were designed to protect consumers from common, unethical business practices. They are a tool to assist consumers when buying products or services in most industries represented by NAOSA professionals. 


Compliance - NAOSA members that are found to be out of compliance with the NAOSA Gold Standards of Professional Practice or federal and state regulations are subject to membership revocation.

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Integrity - NAOSA professional members are bound to a higher code of business conduct that goes above and beyond legal and professional organization requirements. 


Verified - Each NAOSA member is required to undergo a background check, including a professional license check and business reputation check. Professionals who do not meet the high standards of NAOSA are disallowed membership. 


Reliable - NAOSA members pledge to provide their products and services in a timely manner and in accordance to the agreed upon terms. 



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