The National Association of Senior Advocates (NAOSA) is a professional organization featuring businesses and professionals who specialize in the unique needs of older adults. NAOSA is both a pro consumer and pro business organization, whose mission is to protect all consumers from fraud and unethical business practices.

NAOSA is the first organization to bring together professionals from multiple industries who are mutually bound by a higher standard of business conduct, the National Association of Senior Advocates Gold Standards of Professional Practice™. The NAOSA Gold Standards go above and beyond many legal and professional organization requirements, demanding one simple business practice; do what is right for the consumer, young or old.

The National Association of Senior Advocates is the first organization that has defined what industry insiders already know to be unethical business practices in their various industries. Although these practices are often times legal, NAOSA industry experts agree that they are not in the best interest of consumers. Caveat Emptor (“Buyer Beware”), the current legal standard for many professions, is not in our members’ standard operating procedures. The question: “Is this in the best interest of my client?” is the standard under which our members operate.

NAOSA educates the consumer and promotes professionals who do things the right way. We are the single source for straightforward consumer advice as well as ethical professionals who treat their clients with honesty and integrity.

Leadership and Advisory Board

Anthony L. Cinotti


Anthony J. Zagami, Esquire


Denis P. O'Donovan


Vice President, Government Relations

Philip Florenzo, Esquire

General Counsel

Katherine Thornton

Advisory Board

Former Deputy Chief of Staff,
Social Security Admin (Retired)

Don Graves

Advisory Board

Founder and President, Housing Wealth Institute

Tom Henry, CFP ®

Advisory Board

Annuities, Investments and Life Insurance

Victoria Hathaway, Realtor ®

Advisory Board

Real Estate

Jim Higgins ®

Advisory Board

Vice President, Government Relations

William R. Borton, CLU®, RHU®, REBC®

Advisory Board

Life Insurance and Long Term Care Insurance

David Denton

Advisory Board

Housing and Healthcare

National Association of Senior Advocates, Benefit, LLC


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