NAOSA Gold Standards of Professional Practice

Auto and Home Owners Insurance



Each member profession of the National Association of Senior Advocates has a standard of guidelines that our members must abide. We call these the NAOSA Gold Standards of Professional Practice.

Auto and Home Owners Insurance



The National Association of Senior Advocates member professionals have identified two business practices in the auto insurance industry that make up our Gold Standards of Professional Practice. The goal of the following Gold Standards is to eliminate bait and switch techniques that are utilized at times to undercut the competition:


NAOSA Gold Standards of Professional Practice™:


1. Policy Replacement: Some insurance agents will not quote similar coverage when attempting to replace a competitor’s policy. Instead, the agents will suggest less coverage in multiple areas, which will have the obvious effect of a lower premium. In many situations, the current policy that is the target for replacement is no more expensive than the replacement policy if the agent performed an “apples to apples” comparison. Therefore, when comparing policies for potential replacement, all comparisons will be made utilizing a “line-by-line” comparison method. Comparison quotes will be for the exact amount of coverage currently in force. Only after such comparison may recommendations be made for decreasing or increasing current coverage.


2. Quoting State Coverage Minimum Auto Insurance: At times, unethical agents will quote the minimum coverage required by the state in order to win business. In reality, the vast majority of drivers will be required to carry coverage over and above these minimums. This is a classic “bait and switch” scenario. At no time will a NAOSA member utilize this tactic by quoting state minimum coverage unless specifically asked to do so by the customer.


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