NAOSA Consumer Guides and Gold Standards of Professional Practice™

The NAOSA Consumer Guides and  Gold Standards of Professional Practice™ are guides created by NAOSA and various industry experts to assist you in making an informed decision before making a purchase. We went on a five year (and ongoing) mission to research industries that serve older adults and interview professionals in those industries. Our goal:
Develop guidelines that are both pro consumer and pro ethical business

Ensure consumers have a non-biased source of information before purchasing

Attract honest professionals who have a client first business philosophy

The NAOSA Gold Standards of Professional Practice™ are not a replacement for current laws and regulations.  They are designed to be an additional tool to assist consumers in making an educated purchase. Be sure to review all the NAOSA Gold Standards of Professional Practice™ before making a buying decision.

NAOSA requires members to act in utmost good faith when working with clients. Members must agree to work under “the fiduciary standard” and act in a way that the member  reasonably believes to be in the best interest of the client. In addition to compliance with all federal and state regulations, each professional member of the National Association of Senior Advocates must follow and act in accordance with a standard of guidelines called the NAOSA Gold Standards of Professional Practice™.

The NAOSA Gold Standards have been created by professionals in their specific fields. The NAOSA Gold Standards strive to eliminate any gray areas that may exist in various business practices. Although these gray areas may be legal in many cases, NAOSA experts agree that they generally do not serve the best interest of the consumer.

The NAOSA Gold Standards of Professional Practice™ also strive to offer transparency in various professions, and aim to educate consumers on the various business models of these professions. Consumers must have information to make an educated decision when considering a specific product or service.

Members who are found not in compliance with these standards will be censured, with membership subject to revocation.