NAOSA Gold Standards of Professional Practice

Legal Professionals



Each member profession of the National Association of Senior Advocates has a standard of guidelines that our members must abide. We call these the NAOSA Gold Standards of Professional Practice.

Legal Professionals



The goal of the NAOSA Gold Standards of Professional Practice™ in the legal profession is the requirement to be clear and concise in all billing. Although legally obligated to bill correctly and not overcharge, many times legal professionals will bill for services that are unexpected by the client. This is not to imply that the professional is acting unethically. Many times a client will agree to certain work and, later, request additional services without fully understanding that this will increase the total cost.


To avoid confusion and unexpected charges, all legal professionals who are members of NAOSA agree to the following:

NAOSA Gold Standards of Professional Practice™

1. Fixed prices or accurate price ranges for requested work pertaining to wills and trusts. All work will be quoted prior to engagement agreement between the Client and Legal Professional If an exact amount cannot be given, then a minimum and maximum will be quoted. A clear written explanation will be given as to what would impact costs of work on the maximum end of the quote spectrum.


2. If at any time a Client requests additional work to be performed that is outside of the scope of the original work request, a new estimate will be given in writing and advanced client notification is required. For example, if a Client’s original request is a will or trust and then the Client requests advice on a matter unrelated to wills and trusts, the legal professional will communicate to the client the fact that there will be additional charges relating to the additional work.


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