Our Members Pledge

  • To Always put a Client’s interest over any self interest.
  • To provide straight forward, non-biased advice & services on behalf of the Client.
  • To never engage in the industry specific business practices identified as harmful to the consumer by NAOSA experts and Advisory Board Members.
    • These practices are listed in a separate document and can also be found on the NAOSA website.

Our Members Educate

  • By being clear and transparent in their pricing and eliminate any gray areas that may exist in various business practices, even if they are considered legal.
  • By always offering a product or service that best suits the Client’s needs.
  • By clearly explaining all options so that a client can make the best informed decision about their purchase.
  • By informing their Clients of all NAOSA Gold Standards so that they are prepared when working with other professionals in an unrelated field.


Our Members Advocate

  • By becoming a trusted advisor held to the highest standards possible.
  • By serving as a resource and voice for all consumers who have been exploited.
  • By cooperating and working with Government Agencies to protect the best interest of our Senior Population and all other Consumers.



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